Private Tutored Wine Dinner, Gouguenheim, Argentina

Thursday 9th November, 7.30pm


We are very pleased to introduce our forthcoming private tutored wine dinner, The Wines of Gouguenheim, Argentina.

Our renowned head chef Adebola Adeshina has planned a finely balanced four-course menu, with each course carefully paired with one of Gouguenheim’s fine Argentinian wines.

This private wine dinner will be tutored by Patricio Gouguenheim of the Gouguenheim Winery in Mendoza, Argentina, who between each course will speak knowledgeably about each of the wines, their history and background, their individual styles and grape varieties, in a light-hearted and down to earth way. Patricio will also talk about the Gouguenheim Winery itself.


Gouguenheim wine


Dinner and booking information:

The Wines of Gouguenheim, Argentina – View menu

£75.00 – Four courses, tea, coffee

Numbers are limited to 20, so we highly recommend booking early.

Please contact us on 020 8939 1066 or email us.


The history of the Gouguenheim Winery

Born in Argentina to French parents, Patricio Gouguenheim’s love for wine started at the age of 7 when he was given a little bit of wine mixed with sparkling water with every meal.

When Argentina went into economic recession in 2002, Patricio decided to enter the wine market, since everyone else was leaving. He found a very old winery located in the Uco Valley with lots of small tanks, ideal for the production of high-quality wines. He hung up his suit and tie and began working in the great outdoors.

The Gouguenheim Winery has since become one of the best performing, top quality wineries in Argentina with wines currently sold in 19 countries.


The Gouguenheim wines have been recognized on an international level and have received multiple awards from esteemed wine boards for the quality of their range, including The International Wine Challenge Awards and the Decanter World Wine Awards.

For more information on the Gouguenheim Winery, please visit their website.


Patricio Gouguenheim

Patricio Gouguenheim